Great keyboard case cover makes me share it timely with exciting motion

I have been using this keyboard case cover for 3 weeks already and am very happy with the quality and functionality of this product. The keyboard case  is made of premium PU leather which has durability and superior protection, make your tablet protected without any damages. The sleek ABS keys turn the tablet and keyboard into one seamless unit. It is built wireless and bluetooth functions, it can be folded by the  protective leather case with stand function. Intelligent and simple connection, with wireless operation distance up to 10m. Let you experience comfortable typing rather than clumsy tapping. Energy-saving keyboard sleep mode. Waterproof and dustproof design, Quiet keystrokes, Lightweight, compact, easy to carry and handle, Decent and stylish folding protective PU leather case with stand, making you use, view and carry N8000/N8010 more simplely.

It works great. I can’t wait share it on my community . Other than the size of the keyboard (simular to a netbook), it is as responsive as my PC keyboard. without any lag in keystrokes. Connection s effortless. Should have gone this route sooner. I really like the fact that the keyboard is detachable from the case. I can place the keyboard in my lap and leave the tablet on the desk and it still picks up the signal. The case is made of quality material to last along time. It is also very protective to keep my investment safe.

Please note that the koolertron Bluetooth keyboard case for galaxy note 10.1 requires charging with the USB cable that comes with the case.

Helpful and portable koolertron lovely case cover for your ipad

Good partner -koolertron lovely case for ipad

Adorable, stylish, and well-made case.
Color is a vibrant pink…very true to that shown in picture.
Case looks as though it will do well to protect the iPad from everyday abrasion.
Koolertron New Perfect Pink Lovely Leather Case Cover For iPad 2/3/4
100% brand new and high quality folding leather case cover with built-in stand for iPad 2nd generation
Artificial leather case specifically designed to shelter your devices dust, shock, scratches and bumps and other daily damage
The Leather of the inner side is so smooth and soft that gives you a comfortable sensation when holding
The Leather case features a play-through design which enable total access to all of the iPad 2nd generation control buttons
Easy to access to all buttons and features
Leather case is molds perfectly fit to your devices shape and highlight its beauty
Open the case and you can put up a stand for watching videos movies and slide shows or for typing on the onscreen keyboard

You deserve the Koolertron camera canvas shoulder bag

“You deserve it” after I order this Koolertron camera canvas shoulder bag, this word is alway filled with  in my mind. I hope that it was the excepted bag as the description. Today I receiwed it, the package is very beautiful, and my bag make it successfully.

“This kind of bag is made from pure cotton canvas, texture is soft, strong and durable, carry comfortable. The Lord of the bag is a pocket, the upper used the cotton rope of convergent way, plus a lid, the structure is simple. External vice bags and the ornament of fastener broke the appearance of drudgery, optional but not casually, fashion and brief. It makes the whole bag beautiful and easy, and never lose plain. This kind of bag is very suitable for photography lovers do for short trips, also can be used in the daily travel. The setting sun under the afterglow, carrying such a simple and plain bag, walked slowly, keep the memory of the way with a camera, taste life gently, it will make your journey warm and romantic.”

I ordered this bag mid week and selected 2 day shipping. I was a little bummed due to the estimated arrival date being a week later, not two days as selected; however, Amazon proved the estimated date wrong and I received it within two shipping days!

As far as size is concerned, it is a tad smaller than I had expected.My DSLR and two lenses fit, extremely snug, but they fit with some wiggling and adjusting the padded compartments. The padding between compartments is phenomenal, so I am willing to overlook the extremely snug fit.

The quality is great! I love the look of the bag. The canvas and leather accents give it a rugged look, but not to the point of making this gal feel like she is carrying a mans bag. It looks even better in person than it does in the pictures. The gaps between the flap and the bag when closed is a bit concerning. I think it’s safe to assume I will not be using this bag in a downpour. In fairness, I knew this when I purchased it. I wouldn’t have bothered purchasing a canvas bag if I intended taking my equipment out in such harsh conditions.

All in all, it’s a great bag and would recommend it to others. Provided they are okay with a smaller camera bag.

You deserve it-Koolertron microphone amplifier

This portable speaker system- Koolertron microphone amplifier is a great value. Although I have never purchased a portable PA system before, it works like I thought it would work. Component shipped with useful accessories and they all work great! Battery (included) charged quickly. Set up was a breeze and amplification of sound is good. Tested the system indoors and have not yet used it at a function indoors or outdoors. Confident that it will perform well.

UHF 790-820MHz with 100 selectable frequencies
Frequency synthesized PLL circuitry for stable signal transmission
Double color LED channel indicator
Tone up function for optimizing the sound quality under noisy
Includes pulse width modulation charger to improve the charging
efficiency and battery life
Automatic power control indicates battery status, low power warning,
automatic power cut and automatic mute control during silent
50m operating range
Multiple sets of receivers can operate with a single transmitter
Elegant and durable metal alloy housing
Suitable for body-pack or hanging wear style
Scope of use:Tour guiding, museum, coaching

I use this Portable PA for a small group setting; when I connected my MP3 to this little amazing Video & Audio… Man it sounded great! I am really thinking of getting a second one. If you’re looking for a powerful little compact PA with a big sound, stop looking… this is it!

Pick one Pellor digital sport watch up-you won’t regret it

Would have liked to see the watch backlight illuminate the whole screen when the button is pressed, as other cheaper Casios and Timex watches do. Small thing to nit pick at as you can change the light from one second to three seconds to conserve battery life.
– Have to manually change DST. Not a big deal to change twice a year but still. Would be better if it had it built in, but again, a small thing to gripe about.

For sport buffs, there is no doubt these Pellor Digital Sport Wrist Watches are your mascots. Fashion and unisex design, kinds of color for your selections make you more fashionable and attractive. They are water-proof, whenever or wherever you do sports, never concerning about it can be broken by sweat or rain. Touch screen let you more convenient to know the time.
Touch Screen
Support Calendar
Watch Case Size: Approx 4.00cm
Watch Case Material: Plastic
Watch Dial Color: White
Width Of  Watch Belt: Approx 2.60cm
Watch Belt Material: Silicone
Length Of Watch: Approx 24.00cm
Daily Water Resistant (not for swimming or showering): Yes

The bottom line. This is a great watch for the price for anyone who’s looking for a sports electronics, world time watch, watch with multiple alarms or even someone just looking for a digital watch. It’s a nice looking design, lightweight and to be honest, with the features it has, I’d imagine it could be even $10-15 more.

Economical and environmental, ideal for getting one to him/her you love for gifts! Pick one up. You won’t regret it.

Some tip sharing with you of camer slider rail & dollies

First, check out this video I made, using nothing but this Opteka 23″ slider–photography kit

I was able to get decent results even from the short “slide” on this thing. You just have to learn to angle your camera well to get the maximum possible slide effect otherwise you’ll barely get any “slide” at all.

The build quality: off top I can tell that this isn’t made for heavier DSLR’s like my Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21.1MP Full Frame CMOS Digital SLR Camera (Body Only). From the video I posted you might say it worked out, but in actuality there were some slide shots that were unusable because of tons of friction hop/bump that I kept getting from the camera being too heavy and from the slider rail not being lubed enough. Yes, I lubed my slider with some synthetic lubrication stuff and it’s something I suggest EVERYONE who has this slider MUST do to achieve the smoothest possible slide. Gun oil should be a good lube too, but I have yet to try it.

In conclusion the slider is really helpful if you’re on a budget and if you plan to get tight/up close shots, but the short 23″ length really limits the slide effect. It’s small, convenient and easy to take around too, but again being a short 23″ also limits the effect you might be looking for. After using this slider for only a few short days I might be forced to return this item and invest in the KONOVA K Slider 3080 NA-8 ball bearing slider instead.

As more and more people get into video the number one accessory they seem to want after a shoulder rig is the Camera Slider Rail or Dollies. A slider rail allows short trucking camera movements, and a real dolly with real track options. They can work with any DSLR or video cameras. All of us would like find the ones with high quality and attractive in price, we offer various Camera Slider Rail & Dollies or kit for you to choose, sincerely hope you can get your favorite!